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The New York designer with her heart in Israel– My feature in JPOST

In recent years, Israel’s walls have been causing quite the brouhaha. Two have transcended brick, mortar and security guards, becoming the country’s leading conflicts incarnate.The Western wall and the women at it have been stealing the headlines with questions of traditional religion in the modern state. Meanwhile, a younger partition serving as the apotheosis of the […]

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Ten Months in a Madhouse

On the 23 of August I hopped on a plane in search of self, and study of “the enigmatic seminary girl amid her natural habitat.” Did I assume I had enough courage to undergo the tribulation my mission called for? Could I don features of religiosity like Chanel’s little black jacket; in such sangfroid  that […]

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Oops We Wore it Again: Imitation as the Finest Form of Fashion?

“Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.” – Pablo Picasso An artist knows that at  the very  moment he completes a sculpture, a painting,  a song, or a poem and lets it out into the vast abyss we call the world, his work is  immediately subject to criticism, approbation, and of course imitation. But when Monet […]

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Out of Control or Instyle?

Has technology created monsters or an industry by the people for the people? Take a look at the mini-doc featuring Tim Blanks on the Fashion phenomenon brewing in the past decade. What do you think about the ever growing burst of bloggers: coco or coocoo?

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Let My People Learn: Finding a Woman’s Place in Translation

Weekday mornings from 8:30 a.m. to 12:45.p.m.,and again in the evenings from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.,I indulge in what some members of the tribe label an ever-so-guilty pleasure. With the turn of each page, lechery rises as enigmatic Aramaic engrosses me. Each morpheme leaves much to the imagination, and a hunger for more. A work […]

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Santayana, Socialists and the Siege

Denevue, Bardot, Depardieu. As a diagnosed Francophile, these names arouse images of big blonde hair, New Wave cinema, and amorous scenes of The Last Metro.Yet recently, these former sex symbols have been making headlines in rather unexpected territory. This week, France’s most renowned male lead, Gérard Depardieu, announced he will be relocating to Belgium.There he […]

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Fight ‘Em with Fashion: Israel’s War on Terrorizing Media Coverage

What do you get when you mix the serene Mediterranean, cascading chiffons, an archaic train station, the dernier cri, piquant falafel, and even spicier designers? Tel Aviv Fashion Week,  of course. I had the pleasure of ripping off my sem girl ‘uniform’ and slipping into blog-worthy clobber for what turned out to be the first […]

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Dance Away Poverty, Injustice, and Violence

I am almost 18, about to graduate high school, and ready to start the next chapter of my life: college. But what if I didn’t live in Rockville, Maryland, and instead grew up in a developing country, such as Liberia, Malawi, Ethiopia, or Guatemala? Fewer than one in five girls in Sub-Saharan Africa go to […]

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Smoke Signals: YSL Claims Smoking Its Cigarettes Make You Sexier

  Yves Saint Laurent is taking its conception of Le Smoking too far. Although the fashion house is employing African artisans to mend purses together from recycled plastic bags and fair-trade cotton, it’s also producing a deadly line of cigarettes. Advertised to women in Russia and Asia, the cigarettes come in sleek, black packages with a glistening gold foil. […]

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The Dark Side of Black Friday

On the way home from a long day of shopping, a feeling came over me. No, it was not relief from a post turkey hangover, but rather remorse and disgust from seeing malls packed with people and hands overflowing with bags. How many of the items did people actually need, and how many did we buy […]

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