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My Feature in Israel’s largest paper Haaretz :What do Israelis really wish for Iran’s president?

Imagine a man with a Dali-esque moustache roaming around the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem, shoving a photo of Iranian President Hassan Rohani into the faces of passersby, and asking “Do you know this man?” Click to continue…

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The New York designer with her heart in Israel– My feature in JPOST

In recent years, Israel’s walls have been causing quite the brouhaha. Two have transcended brick, mortar and security guards, becoming the country’s leading conflicts incarnate.The Western wall and the women at it have been stealing the headlines with questions of traditional religion in the modern state. Meanwhile, a younger partition serving as the apotheosis of the […]

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Lessons to the middle east from fashion week — My article in Jpost

A Lebanese, Tajik and an Israeli walk into a studio. Sounds like the making of a bad joke, but in fact, this is the daily routine of the dynamic fashion trio threeASFOUR. Since 1998 Gabriel Asfour, Angela Donhauser, and Adi Gil have been pushing cultural and sartorial norms with avant-garde apparel, proving that two’s company […]

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One B’Av

My latest on Times of Israel: Yesterday I said goodbye to love. Well sort of. I bade adieu the man behind the personal nom de guerre “my love”: to the fire in my chest, the humus on my falafel, the Chardonnay to my Brie, my vice, my spirit. I kissed off to an unassuming base, […]

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Iran’s guide to the revolutionary perplexed

Second piece of  Times of Israel: Some protests are so gentle, so subtle in Iran, only a native or Persian cognoscente could catch them. Let’s take the color green. Normally just a word to describe envy or Queen Esther’s face, during the 2009 election, presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi transformed green into the hue of freedom still adorning posters, chadors, […]

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One Small Stroke for Elham, One Giant Splash for Iranian-Kind

My first piece on  Times of Israel: All I wanted was to plunge. I wanted to slip on some spandex and dive head first into the inviting Kinneret for the annual women’s swim-a-thon this past May. As a gap year student in Israel, when else would I be able to swim across a Middle Eastern sea (it is […]

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Ten Months in a Madhouse

On the 23 of August I hopped on a plane in search of self, and study of “the enigmatic seminary girl amid her natural habitat.” Did I assume I had enough courage to undergo the tribulation my mission called for? Could I don features of religiosity like Chanel’s little black jacket; in such sangfroid  that […]

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What's cream,white, and red all over?

Horsing Around the Right Way: Fashion Lessons from the Talmud

A woman sashays through a bustling street spilling with lemony taxis, acrimonious honks and anonymous faces, to head in my direction. My eyes wonder over her beige tailored jacket, nude eyelet top tucked into a taupe A-line skirt, and finally halt at her vivid vermilion pumps. I am left gaping like an editor feasting her […]

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Oops We Wore it Again: Imitation as the Finest Form of Fashion?

“Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.” – Pablo Picasso An artist knows that at  the very  moment he completes a sculpture, a painting,  a song, or a poem and lets it out into the vast abyss we call the world, his work is  immediately subject to criticism, approbation, and of course imitation. But when Monet […]

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Graffiti across Bnei Brak reads "Fashion = Pritzus/promiscuity".

Beauty and the Beastly: All in the Eye of the IPhone holder?

I usually roll my eyes when often encountering those in the religious Jewish world who deride fashion, associating the industry with the many perils for the soul such as pig, non-Disney films, stocking-less female legs, and radio hits. To those same people I also share an algorithm buttressed by the writing upon this wall: “One […]

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